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Christian Zapata

Les cuento... hay una enfermedad global que se llame Hambre Oculta y 1/3 del PLANETA ENTERO la sufre. 100 millones… https://t.co/CIzQZuwTlk


1 day ago

VAF Research

Outlook Harian : Kondisi bursa global yang bullish berpotensi angkat bursa Asia (#Nikkei #Kospi #Hangseng) hari ini… https://t.co/qXWkWVmf9F


2 days ago


Si los idiotas que van a la uni para jugar en la cafetería se quedaran en sus casas,harían un bien global,dejarían más aparcamientos libres.


2 days ago

Terror Tabs

Siapa Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi? - Global - Sinar Harian https://t.co/mmv4RbX93P


2 days ago

Watchful Eye

Siapa Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi? - Global - Sinar Harian https://t.co/CiodKOM2OF


6 days ago

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Vince Cable

Brexit is the product of a fraudulent, frivolous campaign led by 2 groups of silly public school boys reliving their dormitory pillow fights


1 day ago

ABC News

Drone footage shows destruction in Mexico City caused by the 7.1-magnitude earthquake; at least 42 people killed.… https://t.co/nJje7BUg3d


1 day ago

The New York Times

International tourism to the U.S. declined in early 2017, representing a loss of nearly $2.7 billion in spending https://t.co/1PcMGKFOsD


22 hours ago

Zach Farsace

RT @ColIegeStudent: High school: "oh look it's 9 PM, I gotta get to bed soon." College: "oh look it's already 2 AM, maybe I should eat din…


just now

IMA Southwest FL

It takes video to land a place at a top business school https://t.co/NXxWAB3r5M via @FT


just now

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