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17 minutes ago

回: Valkryont :⟭⟬

@girlgrouparea https://t.co/bH5eUdKcNj


37 minutes ago

回: Valkryont :⟭⟬

@girlgrouparea nayeon itu yg baju oren twice


40 minutes ago


Vinix tá jogando muito meu deus


44 minutes ago

vɪɴɪ at 🏠

RT @INTZ: Ganhar de time pequeno e emocionado não tem graça. Vou nem farpar. GGWP, @furiagg https://t.co/ADpBGd3ElX


1 hour ago

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Bleacher Report

Michael Jordan and Jordan Brand to donate $100M over the next 10 years to causes that ensure racial equality, socia… https://t.co/RwZIQzIzEQ


1 day ago

Darren Rovell

JUST IN: Michael Jordan and the Jordan Brand announces $100,000,000 donation over the next decade to causes that wi… https://t.co/6hV53pGbgp


1 day ago

Charlie Kirk

The White House Press Pool is outraged that the chairs at today's news conference weren't "socially distanced" Why… https://t.co/bxSVfGPUR2


1 day ago

Xavier Carrillo S.

@omarbula Con razón se me parecen mucho Duque y Díaz Candel.


just now

Kat Kan Do

RT @RealJamesWoods: #IdiotDeBlasio is back on the COVID bandwagon now that the riots are petering out. Suddenly social distancing is back i…


just now

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