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Che Campi

@echarlespy @mykonos2002 Tenía un ICQ de 5 dígitos! Que bueno el juego de escribir y ver letra por letra. El retroc… https://t.co/R2BD2nvUFE


17 hours ago

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Ava DuVernay

Thank you to @VinceSchilling of @IndianCountry and many others who identified the proud Native man who is being har… https://t.co/aKxValHjLk


14 hours ago

Radley Balko

That video features another Trump-era phenomenon that we just seem take for granted, now: When bigots want to haras… https://t.co/o9TJtYlfCq


14 hours ago

Bleacher Report

PAUL GEORGE. TOO CLUTCH. https://t.co/yaXtqN7ZZr


9 hours ago


RT @BTS_hope_jk: 約束歌ってくれた… 泣けるありがとういい声です… https://t.co/d1goTaxz1t


just now

azgın genç

RT @hirayef: https://t.co/80mGpJ4mqO


just now

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