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Gaige’s Bicep

@soviet_ii @Blklivesmatter Posting selfie’s, Komrade?🤣 BLM woman is straight making bank.. genius, tbh.


14 minutes ago

400W CNC Basho

Same haircut and underlying system of values https://t.co/DMURbko8W9


24 minutes ago

1 hour ago

Babe ❣️

could never be me https://t.co/wwrAzKi7Fm


2 hours ago

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José Antonio Kast Rist 🇨🇱

La silla vacia de Gabriel Boric es el reflejo de una promesa de gobierno vacio de liderazgo, vacío de propuestas de… https://t.co/md08Of74r2


14 hours ago

Cristiano Ronaldo

Michael Carrick was a class act as a player and he can become a great coach as well. Nothing is impossible for this… https://t.co/mP5QDAbPIT


16 hours ago

Notre Dame Football

a player's coach @Marcus_Freeman1 | #GoIrish https://t.co/pf9E1OygA8


13 hours ago

Hiram Abiff

@DH5tv @BBCWorld You never, ever, ever point a gun, loaded or unloaded at anyone. Children know this but libs don… https://t.co/X0bYVwFgrZ


just now

Peter J. Liebenow

RT @lindyli: The Oxford HS killer was Googling ammunition in class. When the school notified his parents his mom texted him: "LOL I'm not m…


just now

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