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Shannon Hale

I was interviewed by a local news station last night. Now I wait for the "she's not pretty enough to be harassed" c… https://t.co/h95Xgi4R0Z


17 hours ago

KUTV 2News

The alert warned that more than 7,000 customers lost power "due to extreme zombie activity." https://t.co/isTHM- Y7V57


18 hours ago

Mike Lee

The only people that benefit from uncertainty in antitrust law are antitrust lawyers. Both businesses & consumers d… https://t.co/YLFz9utmUZ


5 days ago

Autonomous Vehicles

Will you see self-driving cars in your lifetime? https://t.co/MwJA4TETBI


17 minutes ago


Will you see self-driving cars in your lifetime? - KUTV 2News https://t.co/gLEoJVDFvI #Cars #CarNews


28 minutes ago

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ABC News

SOUND ON: These two lynxes have a lot to say to one another. Listen to their intense conversation on the side of th… https://t.co/ry88lci8p0


1 day ago

Workpoint News

UN เรียกร้องปล่อยตัว #กลุ่มคนอยากเลือกตั้ง ขอรัฐบาลไทย เคารพสิทธิการแสดงความเห็น และชุมนุมอย่างสงบ ในฐานะที่เป็น… https://t.co/KSipdOZoqw


20 hours ago

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