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Elie Mystal

Now Kennedy is asking Garland to explain implicit bias. It's really amazing how a big part of the Republican proje… https://t.co/mngAuUQtX9


2 days ago

The Hollywood Reporter

Disney and 'For All Mankind' creator Ron Moore are developing a Magic Kingdom Universe. The first project, 'The Soc… https://t.co/TyBJypqBl9


2 days ago

Charles Onyango-Obbo

While fog harvesting projects exist around the world, Dar Si Hmad in Morocco’s arid mountains is by far the world's… https://t.co/y6nT8qLtNn


2 days ago


@stephgottabag i wish that juice & future project didnt exist no hat but yea EA, die lit, igor & boat 3 made me consider heavily


just now

CMK Select

Project management challenges exist at all levels of an organization—from the highest strategic level down to the p… https://t.co/wWrrY8rIew


36 minutes ago

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