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Molly McKew

Non-news flash: Russia doing exact same sh*t now as 2016 because Kremlin has paid no price and American POTUS + cou… https://t.co/dm2ap9bIcN


1 day ago

U.S. Attorney EDVA

Russian national charged with interfering in U.S. political system, including 2018 midterm election. https://t.co/TcG8Hphwp9


1 day ago

Natasha Bertrand

The details in this complaint are wild. https://t.co/vGevddLilG https://t.co/mxsat0PnHl


1 day ago

Latest tweets mentioning “U.S. Department of Justice”

David Corn

Hey, everyone. This is important. In a Friday news dump, the Justice Department just issued a document saying Putin… https://t.co/ZV0YPuTP0e


1 day ago

Eric Holder

Trump and Sessions are trying to destroy the traditions of the Justice Department. Hope is found in the career emp… https://t.co/1lPcozgvHh


1 day ago

David Corn

Dept. of Justice says the Russian attack on US elections started in 2016 has continued "to this day" & the 2018 mid… https://t.co/GYaZ6D7ld3


20 hours ago

Jane Gregg

RT @RedTRaccoon: Trump Administration Quietly Admits There Is No Evidence To Back Claim That Obama Wiretapped Trump The Department of Just…


just now

Kent Willis MD

RT @NPR: Exactly 45 years ago this weekend, President Richard Nixon lost patience with his own Justice Department's relentless probe of the…


1 second ago

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