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Amanda Carpenter

Maybe there were official staff in attendance. But, at a minimum there should be concern Trump was directly discuss… https://t.co/tTV0FwvsbF


1 day ago

Justice Department

California Real Estate Developer Sentenced to 15 Months for Making Conduit Contributions in Two U.S. Congressional… https://t.co/dSDvVJbucI


1 day ago

US Attorney SDFL

Leader of Alien Smuggling Operation Sentenced to 9 Years in Prison @FBIMiamiFL @ICEgov https://t.co/AR3QQRmfi7


1 day ago

Lola Netty

One-day prison sentence vacated as result of U.S. Attorney’s Office appeal https://t.co/bMcAysvKSH


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RT @guitarviator: @RogueSNRadvisor @nytopinion Whether I “like” him or not is irrelevant. That he’s a central part of Russian Active Measur…


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Latest tweets mentioning “U.S. Department of Justice”

Walter Shaub

No one can doubt Trump wants to be a dictator. Standing in his way is a gap between what he wants and what he can d… https://t.co/dsmfq9FjnS


1 day ago

Kyle Griffin

Judge Emmet Sullivan made clear that Michael Flynn has a high hurdle to overcome in persuading him to let Flynn wit… https://t.co/g7AHhKdWj9


1 day ago


RT @_jisoos_blink: Jay tried to turn meek into a freedom fighting social justice warrior instead he’s tweeting about women’s body counts an…


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