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acioly honda-san, vendo livros na imaginação

@bluebett4 koe, toda vez que eu vejo o nome do loona eu leio errado, pq eu sempre leio LOOPD, pq aquelas letras ali… https://t.co/zh81OiDO0q


3 days ago


@peachypiscesxx luv... its loopd...💀


5 days ago

Jim Beach

Today on @school4startups Radio! - Brian Friedman - Founder of Loopd and Author of Takeaways: Secret Truths from L… https://t.co/QOP3mExEJb


5 days ago

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Galaxy Mobile Japan

/ 残り3日ですよ🔥 \ 豪華賞品が当たるかも? Gal- axy × #Kōki,プレゼントキャンペーン🎉 ①フォロー ②このツ- イートをRT 簡単2STEPで結果が届く! #Galax- yS10 や Galaxy オリジナルグッズ… https://t.co/HH576ACoWW


1 day ago

Chuck Callesto

Joe Biden Kisses YOUNG GIRL on the Lips at Campaign Event... https://t.co/sceiPc- nLr1


14 hours ago

Elena Sgarbossa MD Ⓥ

RT @ExtinctionR: You can’t arrest us all but you could just #ActNow on the climate and ecological emergency. This could save millions if no…


just now

Eduardo Fonseca B.

My personal website. Senior Software Engineer. Specialized in #Microsoft Technologies including #dotnet #dotnetcore… https://t.co/jgd1ukP2v3


just now

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