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Laurence Tribe

“Biden is running on the conviction that, despite it all, Americans deeply love their country, and viscerally long… https://t.co/h6oVgvDjtA


1 day ago

Douglas Murray

This is the sick crap to be expected from Al-Jazeera etc. Now it’s the habit of the NYT. An Islamist beheads French… https://t.co/tcZPvbOtRu


1 day ago

Marco Rubio

Biden advisers say if elected he will abandon @jguaido and start talks with #Maduro Read it yourself here: https://t.co/9JCw2wnnuE


1 day ago


RIP //The New York Times: Sean Connery, Who Embodied James Bond and More, Dies at 90. https://t.co/EPW77QB6c1


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Look For The Woman, Magazine

RT @nytimes: Sean Connery has died at 90. Born in Edinburgh’s slums, he became famous as the first James Bond and went on to a long, award-…


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American Music Awards

LISTEN UP, ARMY! @BTS_twt will make the TV debut of their highly anticipated new single, and perform their record b… https://t.co/wH4KfmQa8B


22 hours ago

Amy Klobuchar

BREAKING: Because of LAST MINUTE ruling, Minnesota DO NOT put ballots in mail any more. In the middle of a pandemi… https://t.co/QdsDXnirPE


1 day ago

JR 🇪🇺🇯🇵🇺🇳🌎🌍🌏🌳🐟🕷️🕊️

RT @StephenMangan: How unlucky to get the most breathtakingly incompetent government in modern times at precisely the moment we needed the…


just now

Sully Bosco McPatriot

@RonSteslow @ProjectLincoln It no mystery anymore why Dems may have a harder time winning elections at times. You guys are ferocious!


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