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Firas Durri

I tried to delete all tweets older than March 1 (tens of millions of rows). Query ran for 8 hours; app got wonky. I… https://t.co/jQ3vUk5PWO


4 days ago


@JustinRyanBear show processlist; status; "I know a little SQL"


5 days ago

Pete Houston

Kill process in #mysql processlist https://t.co/tb7dQmLtDo #Database


6 days ago

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Seth Abramson

Joe Scarborough Calls Trump Presidency "A Publicity Stunt Gone Wildly Wrong" This is some scathing stuff. Wow. https://t.co/gSTU2xPOLI


1 day ago

Andrew Bloch

In 1967, Katherine Switzer, aged 20, caused absolute scenes running in the Boston Marathon when women were banned.… https://t.co/G2e1uw05PN


17 hours ago

Dr. Dena Grayson

Mike Pence’s brother is running for Congress on his “business record.”🤨 Greg was president of a company that filed… https://t.co/hDwqBE9jDf


6 hours ago


RT @SugaMexico_: 『INFO』 Ji Seokjin llamó a Jin en Running Man. Jin dijo que es sorprendente que su voz apareciera en Running Man y cuando…


just now

Karla not Carla 🖤

RT @DominiqueAjai: “DAUGHTER, YOU CAN BE ANGRY. I can take it. You can be sad. I can take that too. Keep running to me when you are sad and…


just now

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