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Otto Von Biz Markie

RIP Jimmy Wopo, for my money the best rapper to ever break out of Pittsburgh. Radiant 1000-watt charisma and a le… https://t.co/cZldzEc3cy


1 day ago

Chris Murphy

The President of the United States has stolen 2,000 little children from their parents and locked them in cages, to… https://t.co/guCNnl9yEz


1 day ago

Glenn Kessler

Mouth agape. Tripling down on a total Four-Pinocchio falsehood. Saying it over and over does not make it so. We hav… https://t.co/FHWru7NoYF


18 hours ago


RT @mackyyy99: i swearrrrrrr y’all i stay caring about people who don’t want it. i’m always gonna wonder if you’re okay, bc i just want u 2…


just now

Sam | Way Of Life

RT @dungareesdonuts: Mental health sometimes feels like a constant uphill battle and no matter how hard you try, you never seem to be able…


just now

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