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Robert Reich

ICYMI: Joe Manchin founded two coal companies in the 1980s, which are led today by his son. His family’s fortune r… https://t.co/bH68fK7xom


1 day ago

Dan Price

Since we raised our minimum wage to $70k: *10x more employees had kids *10x more employees bought homes *Our retent… https://t.co/uxJhZbR9c4


1 day ago

Deborah Meaden 💙

Dear @Tesco can you please confirm wether you sell Salmon from Faroese Companies. Following the abhorrent slaughter… https://t.co/XnOkAvgLAA


23 hours ago


@TheBrandonMorse @CNN Imagine blaming family and friends instead of pharmaceutical companies - sad.


just now

Sherri Franklin

RT @DanPriceSeattle: Companies are now requiring remote workers to install software that takes a photo of them through their webcam every m…


just now

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Vincent 😷

@keith_ng Another relevant dataset that could be useful alongside companies is charities & officers - https://t.co/4S5mxeScQg


3 days ago

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