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Shaun King

HOLD UP. Did you know that foster care BUSINESSES are publicly traded companies? And kids are dying in them at a… https://t.co/f9lk6j2SXH


1 day ago

Nancy Pelosi

.@POTUS is claiming his decision to hike families' premiums is about blocking a “bailout” to insurance companies... https://t.co/lTa40gXI1K


1 day ago


Raising the minimum wage to $15 will raise the costs of goods and force companies to lay off workers. Wrong call, Bernie. #CNNDebateNight


1 day ago


Candy companies that’ve made all berry versions of candy have made me a very happy girl 💜


just now

Joe Jejune

@Reuters @Breakingviews And no one wants to talk about why All this money is sliding around 2 companies with no inh… https://t.co/oeznt5tdYa


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Adam Schefter

Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch ejected for making contact with an official. Physical contact with an official carries a fine of $30,387.


18 hours ago


“You occupier! You child murderers!” This Kuwaiti official told an Israeli delegation to get out at an internation… https://t.co/RvbdB5iyeC


23 hours ago

Charlie Kirk

When Obama was in office he raised taxes and the national debt grew from 10 to 20 trillion You are a fraud https://t.co/cX4tsvj4Py


8 hours ago


【悲報】バイキングに出たAKBオタクの男がガチヤバイwww- ww(画像・動画あり) https://t.co/6jeeSOPSeV https://t.co/EcPUqDAhQH


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