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Brian Tyler Cohen

Wow. Walmart is not only enforcing their new no carry policy, but banned this man from their stores nationwide for… https://t.co/nIuvGhs9nf


1 day ago

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

This is why corporate “choice” health plans are unacceptable, and why we must fight for #MedicareforAll. Choice pl… https://t.co/WfzKV27Tt8


1 day ago

Bernie Sanders

I disagree with Joe Biden. The pharmaceutical companies are greedy, corrupt and engaged in price fixing. https://t.co/SXANOMKeXp


19 hours ago

💧George Crisp

@RAWHM1000X @FaceTheNation @WeatherProf Irony is that it is essentially it is a bet. Insurance companies are quanti… https://t.co/GF1rUNNziF


just now

Betty Ann

@cubanaparatrum1 @ConnieSchultz The days of making $50-$75 an hour on the line are over! No wonder companies have t… https://t.co/616bNLTCbY


just now

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