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Gautam Chikermane

What has China gained from its Ladakh misadventure so far? Nothing. What has China lost? 1. Indian consumers. 2. I… https://t.co/9SLqhrRCcs


1 day ago


McConnell's wife's family business appears on Trump admin's list of companies that received most PPP money https://t.co/HTx1cv1kmY


17 hours ago

Charlie Kirk

Colin Kaepernick is the face of Nike, last week he signed a deal with Netflix, today he announced a partnership wit… https://t.co/2tgNKAP3LT


16 hours ago

Josie Glausiusz ג'וסי גלאזיוס جوسي غلاوسيوز

Oil companies don’t become solar companies for the same reason that @Facebook doesn’t behave decently: an oil compa… https://t.co/QpbaLEOg4r


just now

Deloitte Strategy

Digitizing and transforming your Finance organization can be an agonizing decision—but hundreds of companies have m… https://t.co/4cWUeemaET


just now

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Steve Bowkett

@Suzyiam @meawnz @ErrylB @CardsToast National policies for benefit are only made based on which business/CEOs give… https://t.co/DZqvxYLFKL


2 days ago

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