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Psychology Today

Do you get stuck in self-destructive thought loops? Here's how to start a more productive inner dialogue. https://t.co/pRgY8aPios


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Psychology Today

Knowing basic psychology can benefit your mental health. How many of these terms do you know? https://t.co/tRcB9QX4Dm


10 hours ago

Psychology Today

Does exercise make you smarter? New research suggests that the answer is yes. https://t.co/HvY4bhzSsh


19 hours ago

Slowly Reclaiming Back the World

@Kikasitsu Its written all over the place & I havnt even begun describing how poisonous his presence was to everyon… https://t.co/27KM4w6Drp


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Jacqueline Claude LeLay Legault

RT @PsychToday: It's not always easy to make friends as an introvert. Here are some best practices to get you started. https://t.co/mBGgqiq…


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last box from PAX came in. turns out we packed a little too much stuff and our wardrobes are full. help us clean o… https://t.co/TkSomFuiws


1 day ago

Brother Nature

Made a new friend today 😂 https://t.co/JhbnC1YdQ4


7 hours ago


@AlexBussard24 I dont think it will do as much as Trump thinks it will but it will help a ton


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