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Yes, suicide needs to be understood from a medical perspective as a mental illness. But perhaps equally important a… https://t.co/TWlJpy6ahB


1 day ago

Psychology Today

Have you ever blanked out before a test? The ability to retrieve information from stored memories can be easily hij… https://t.co/C4HOnxTP6A


19 hours ago

Psychology Today

Naps can help you make better decisions, boost your creativity, and improve your concentration—but only if you get… https://t.co/Y1u5LBafcg


1 day ago

Rebecca Cokley

RT @anjalifp: This. If you know a #teen, I recommend reading this: https://t.co/sI99nOfSsD @nicoleacobb @APADivision17 @DisabledLatinx @Yod…


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Emma Gibson

Narcissist or Charismatic Leader: How to Spot the Difference https://t.co/3XZpTOZh9F https://t.co/OJAjJiUP6R


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Thanks ARMY! heard FAKE LOVE is on @Spotify Today’s Top Hits for 4 weeks in a row. Let's keep it going! https://t.co/ZXZsFEugRo


23 hours ago

Walter Shaub

Would you attend a march to oppose the new Trump practice of ripping terrified children from their parents at the b… https://t.co/t0ZO0unAvy


1 day ago

Michael Avenatti

We will be mtg with mothers tmrw at detention centers in Texas in an effort to reunite them with their children. I… https://t.co/dIJx0T9NB7


4 hours ago

alondra :|

RT @kaylakretsinger: this is a long shot but me and my sister want a new pup so help a girl out😂 https://t.co/t1lTegx3j1


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