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"Fake Penguin!" 🏠

@74jazzbass @DarrellCBassist @Fender There's a reason why my 1970s sunburst finish Fender Precision is now worth a… https://t.co/327qMVTGoU


47 minutes ago

Andy Stolarek

#seriousbusiness #blackandwhite @amycantrapp #staringcontest #petportraiture #mugshot #furtographs #petphotography… https://t.co/H1myVYMy0E


15 hours ago


See me I can’t lie that I we give you Samsung 50k or urgent 2k I’m a License Custom Agent,Clearing and forwarding… https://t.co/oB0B37rokZ


20 hours ago

Maud Bernabé

CEO of Croquettes & Whiskas and his team #seriousbusiness https://t.co/sWWmd5Tarr


1 day ago

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THE BOYZ (더보이즈)

[켑] 시무룩 somebody claim this puppy https://t.co/U76iDyPsJ5


1 day ago

Kiren Rijiju

Law of the land is supreme and we must abide by that. The subject matter is beyond yours and my domain. We must sti… https://t.co/HymaTFB7rs


12 hours ago

Ted Lieu

One upside to Sen Ron Johnson forcing clerks to read the bill is that everyone will know the claim by GOP that only… https://t.co/2JaqA9HN9w


22 hours ago


RT @PnePau: so it's ok for Labour MPs and Labour run councils to steal government funds and claim expenses they don't need but if its any.o…


just now

🐇👑Gracie Liz | BLM

RT @fugitiverabbit: ⚠️⚠️⚠️SCAM ALERT⚠️⚠️⚠️ I think I have some fellow artists with a squarespace submission form on their site, if you get…


just now

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