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AAXXII Venture Capital

Right.. it's Sunday... That means Memes.. put your favourites from the week in the thread! #Memes #SeriousBusiness https://t.co/fXisvqk493


13 hours ago

Basic Communications

This is a #seriousbusiness. Reach us and get to know more. Link in Bio #eventplaning #DiCaprio #dicapriofans… https://t.co/ncfNIGMJ15


1 day ago

Record Party

Twice as many sticker designs as episodes so far. Surely a sign of a show that’s bound for greatness.… https://t.co/ACAupeK6RX


2 days ago


RT @DaRealELOHES: 🤾🏾💨🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥#NewDropALERT🚨🗣️📢 #SERIOUSBusiness💯💪🏾🧐✨ https://t.co/0dnfWlZ15W


3 days ago

Fish-Man Island Arc

101921 primos: 19812 intertwined fates: 25 pulls: 148/270 adding these ok #SeriousBusiness https://t.co/jrGJEvmOCs


4 days ago

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Emily Thornberry

A year ago today, Liz Truss signed a post-Brexit trade deal with Japan, and subsequently told Parliament it deliver… https://t.co/yeUgRKMWlj


1 day ago

Shannon Watts

A woman is dead. A son’s mother was stolen from him. A husband’s wife is gone. The cruelty among Trump cultists w… https://t.co/s578QiCOkQ


1 day ago

SungWon Cho

the king surveys his weeb domain https://t.co/JSXsfr87If


1 day ago


RT @LoftyLeaderz: Claim this legend at 0.004E🔥 034 Nelson Mandela #africanamerican #hu- manitarian #loftyleaderz #pixelart #nftart #nftcolle…


just now

Tumble paradox

RT @fandroit: Those humans man ...<<.=.<< For sure I will claim this one now as my own property... but he will notice it soon enough! https…


just now

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