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Doctor Who Official

Help the Doctor to find the Key to Time and save the universe! Play now >> https://t.co/XeuJknQx71 https://t.co/OL7QgQ9odO


1 day ago

Doctor Who Official

The Doctor needs your help finding the Key to Time. Join him on an interactive adventure & save the world! Play now… https://t.co/LFYeCX6ipc


1 week ago


Wishing all the moms and mother figures in our lives a Happy #MothersDay! https://t.co/NMpbHh8bsV https://t.co/QBSbCxuWfv


1 week ago

klad eo

Ĉu vi uzas voĉsintezilojn? Aliĝu! https://t.co/tbnc1dnG9T #LofeBot


2 minutes ago

Fábio || 23 dias.

RT @IriaCruz: @fodei_te Fds ainda à pouco vi a tua frase do Skype com o meu nome e o da Miley, muito amor <333333


2 minutes ago

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Shaun King

It's happened again. White woman calls polite Latino man a spic, threatens him, says she's offended to hear him spe… https://t.co/55JArl3Kcm


21 hours ago

Charles Clymer

This is a tragedy. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the elephant. https://t.co/ap1AYc7Rqr


18 hours ago


When it's 4:30AM and your friends are still turning up but you been ready to leave the club since 12. https://t.co/FS3C58SdL9


1 day ago

George Gilchrist

RT @BriefcaseMike: Wow! James O'Brien just revealed that #LBC getting lots of calls from No 10 asking them to stop covering #socialcare con…


16 seconds ago

Shampoo Puppy

RT @FoFoFadiRecords: Family https://t.co/SFbIcmYAyk


16 seconds ago

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