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Shawn Access

Make sure to stay up with us tonight for the #InMyBlood release! Stream & download it at midnight!


5 hours ago

Kumail Nanjiani

The Austin Police Chief referred to the serial bomber as a “challenged young man.” Murdering multiple people and b… https://t.co/wHSY6u5Ffl


4 hours ago

James Woods

The sweet irony of the #Democrats’ Russia collusion hoax may be passage of #VoterID legislation. True voting integr… https://t.co/J3ovXUXMLV


10 hours ago

ASAP KillMonger

@IanLoc_ @ChildishKimbino They found her and she’s the struggle


just now

Moon Taehyung

RT @Giyoon2005Kook: #THOSFansBTS22M @BTS_twt Cuộc sống thật khó khăn mà, có những người yêu thương bạn thật lòng nhưng cũng có một số người…


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Stephanie Ruhle

Waking up to read.... -Unarmed black man wearing a hoodie, shot to death in backyard & -Neo-nazi wins Illinois GOP… https://t.co/LxXkV14gLR


20 hours ago

Robert Littal

Watch Florida Man Steal a Car Realize a Baby is in It, Drops Baby Off Safely, Before Making His Get Away (Video)… https://t.co/f5A4Bo17Ct


1 day ago

Boston Celtics

Final: Celtics 100, Thunder 99. Marcus Morris splashed home the game-winning 3-pointer with 1.2 seconds remaining… https://t.co/XZqEgtKujY


1 day ago


RT @itswalela: When my body was literally shutting down from cancer, some nurses in the ER considered sending me home because they thought…


just now

Vic Jubes

RT @MarkDice: You work for E! Entertainment, the home of the pop culture poison Kardashian creatures. Your entire job is to spread putrid…


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