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Martin Daubney

For fear of appearing racist, few dared speak the truth about how Leicester sweatshops have been working throughout… https://t.co/uIPyF6oHiv


10 hours ago

Louis Stedman-Bryce

This has to be one of the most bizarre things I've seen during the entire #BLM farce a white man attacking a black… https://t.co/ho8YUnpibe


1 day ago

David Kurten

harry, husband of MEghan apologises for society being 'institutionally racist'. This is rubbish - these privileged… https://t.co/RmIPliUEdx


1 day ago

Breaking News Bot ⚠

RT @billydbignell: BREAKING NEWS ROYAL AIR FORCE plane is scrambled to support RAF fighter jets rushing to intercept Russian warplane BIGN…


just now

Zorba the Great

RT @rising_serpent: GhislaineMaxwell expected to name names. If prince Andrew is worried, so are the Clintons. https://t.co/cWfhn1- B86F


just now

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Ülgen Başbuğ

Adalet Aktaylı on Twitter: "News, sport, celebrities and gossip | The Sun - https://t.co/zkU3x4Qd7r on @thesun" / T… https://t.co/BevPgSz7wy


3 days ago

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