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The Sun Football ⚽

"Alexis Sanchez has sacrificed everything to make this move. Morals. Principles. Trophies" | @neilashton_… https://t.co/HEawOwAw1e


1 day ago

The Sun

Armed police hauled a 'drunk' pilot off a British Airways flight moments before take-off https://t.co/toWyL7wShR


21 hours ago

Fraser Nelson

The Sun has now released a high-res version of its superb Bayeux Tapestry spoof. Someone should make it into a tape… https://t.co/G73Ad0Apkg


1 day ago

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The Hill

JUST IN: #TrumpShutdown becomes top trending hashtag worldwide https://t.co/BWueU16Sbw https://t.co/uEpT2wI6BZ


14 hours ago

Joy Reid

Not shocking news, but a bit of color: GOP source tells me Trump is furious about the shutdown, which is messing up… https://t.co/ulvviPhYSQ


17 hours ago

Carlos G Trujillo C

RT @steve_hanke: Empty supermarkets, worthless currency, and incompetent leader are creating a truly nightmarish scenario in Venezuela. Mad…


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