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The Sun

YouTube DOWN – video streaming site not working for users all around the world https://t.co/ALDDPvqfZi


16 hours ago

Tom Newton Dunn

Nick Timothy: "Many years ago, The Sun advised us to say: 'Up yours, Delors'. The PM needs to find her inner Boudic… https://t.co/MLrNFOvVJy


1 day ago

Tweep des Vaderlands

Wat een vreselijk verhaal uit Zuid Afrika https://t.co/Fg8kAsIa2z


1 day ago

The Sun TV

Who won The Apprentice 2017? James White and Sarah Lynn named joint winners in shock twist – series results in full https://t.co/1Fg1KUmgUv


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【世界規模】YouTubeがシステム障害か、動画閲覧出来ず- https://t.co/rgyS7kvxPM


16 hours ago

Donald J. Trump

For the record, I have no financial interests in Saudi Arabia (or Russia, for that matter). Any suggestion that I h… https://t.co/O5uI7mY3pQ


1 day ago

CBS News

"Don't interrupt me, Jason," says Ted Cruz as the moderator tried to ask a follow-up question on the importance of… https://t.co/wQPHjy0S1U


15 hours ago

Крым Таймс

Душанбинская православная церковь заявляет о разрыве отношений с Константинополем https://t.co/JMvutNQo8D https://t.co/zSXLmfg3TZ


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Mfana ko Marapyane.

RT @BantuHolomisa: Ramaphosa appoints commission of inquiry into embattled PIC https://t.co/B9YG2GSCLs via @IOL UDM welcomes the inquiry .…


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