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Toby Shapshak

Disgraced political spin doctor Carl Niehaus "killed off" his mother in an elaborate hoax to wriggle out of paying… https://t.co/9awEywZDpG


1 day ago

Times LIVE

Dlamini-Zuma wants to show whites that blacks in informal settlements 'live worse than their dogs’… https://t.co/OiJGuOhW9k


19 hours ago

Sunday Times

Mampara of the week: Markus Jooste https://t.co/X6EACsdCdU https://t.co/gwGq7VphPi


18 hours ago

Times LIVE

Security guard arrested after shooting at alleged Oriental Plaza robbers https://t.co/7utEwssFxg https://t.co/iW8bCwaWmY


24 seconds ago


To fear or not to fear #artificialintelligence? That is the question! https://t.co/RQ6X5V4Okv


26 seconds ago

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Manny MUA

Whats it like to hold a grudge? Im WAY too forgiving and brush things off easily... it gets me into trouble at time… https://t.co/LGTCCSo1kI


15 hours ago

Chris Barron

Reporter lies. Trump calls him out for the lie. Reporter admits he lied. Liberals attack Trump. We live in truly stupid times.


1 day ago

Anna MM Vetticad

"During the Mumbai riots in 1993...the managing committee met to pass a resolution that no #Muslims would hencefort… https://t.co/MD9rFiS5Xl


1 day ago


Did you read how #Arc4Health helped Robert through some tough times - https://t.co/IiIhQnwOYT #ChronicPain An inc… https://t.co/QlnBDOvLhl


28 seconds ago

☆彡 엑소 ★━━ᴍɪʀᴀᴄℓᴇ ɪɴ ᴅᴇᴄᴇᴍʙᴇʀ ☁ミ✲

RT @EXOVotingSquad: Golden Disc Award Download: https://t.co/ggMntMtp5M Vot- ing Period: Now till 5th Jan 24:00 How to vote: 10 times per…


30 seconds ago

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