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Rick H Mosher Jr.

Enter the #WarmWeatherEscape Sweepstakes daily through Feb. 15 for your chance to win $10,000 cash! #TravelChannel https://t.co/5AqTGFSkK6


2 minutes ago

Rick H Mosher Jr.

Warm Weather Escape Sweepstakes: https://t.co/aIhjYOgHD0 https://t.co/IfkCnUsH4K


5 minutes ago

Peter L. Palumbo

Warm Weather Escape Sweepstakes: https://t.co/oaOSnZQvXu https://t.co/rtkOCRtUvz


2 hours ago

Peter Palumbo

Warm Weather Escape Sweepstakes: https://t.co/zVQU6KBwSf https://t.co/yUvBI3JoWi


2 hours ago

Peter Palumbo

Warm Weather Escape Sweepstakes: https://t.co/nyOCJ73EB6 https://t.co/cxgoSI6Vdj


2 hours ago

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Qasim Rashid, Esq.

Here’s another angle that shows the full mob of #MarchForLife racists from @CovCathColonels mocking & ridiculing Na… https://t.co/BMGPCzNltS


15 hours ago

Paul Krugman

When people in the WH leaked Pelosi's travel plans -- which The Times now confirms was the case -- were they trying… https://t.co/QHArUgbPqj


1 day ago

Donald Trump Jr.

.@Amy_Siskind You’re an imbecile! To make this kind of comparison to an event where people were slaughtered in thei… https://t.co/fyK4paZ78v


13 hours ago

Cali's Auntie

I wanna travel to place where I can sleep outside .


just now


RT @realitycheckind: This is what a defence expert commentary looks like. N.Ram's piece looks like a schoolkid essay is comparison. Told…


just now

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