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Donald J. Trump

A provision is in the NDAA for the renaming, or even desecration, of National Monuments in National Parks. This is… https://t.co/Rzi2ZzRWez


3 hours ago

Yurika, the Tiger's Shadow #RPGDEESQUEITE

@FileSassami Depois não entendem porque não arranjam namorada. O cara literalmente se dizendo a favor de matar uma mina


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@ShawnMendes Shawn I love you so much and your new album is ✨A✨M✨A✨Z✨I✨N✨G✨


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@yokozino Tener mjchos seguidores hace que no puedas aprovechar a los que realmente ducen cosas quw te gusta leer,… https://t.co/YcXypzCYj4


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