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someone send me a step by step on how to accomplish this https://t.co/KnoJp9fzAL


3 hours ago

Dan Rather

I cannot remember a time when the world saw the United States this unsteady, adrift, corrupt, or incompetent.


1 hour ago

Ronna McDaniel

Voters are tired of Democrats’ baseless witch hunts. @realDonaldTrump’s supporters fueled another record-breaking… https://t.co/0GT7W8WYiO


4 hours ago

Capone 💳

u kno how many times a mf said I wasn’t aloud back in Killeen in I’m still here ?! 🤷🏽‍♂️😂👹


just now


A late night thought When the loneliness abides A dreamy heart & search of hope in those wet eyes.... #poetry… https://t.co/3RKv1vjnEm


just now