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Donald J. Trump

“COVID-19 (China Virus) Death Rate PLUNGES From Peak In U.S.” A Tenfold Decrease In Mortality. The Washington Times… https://t.co/ETaYiQa33f


2 hours ago

Rahul Gandhi

India’s economic mismanagement is a tragedy that is going to destroy millions of families. It will no longer be ac… https://t.co/7JBI35Yj8P


2 hours ago

Steve Schmidt

The latest. Disloyalty and Treachery always surround and attack a failing regime. The Trump regime is crumbling a… https://t.co/dpikz7WYzq


2 hours ago

Hira Azmat

RT @susie_dent: smellfungus (18th century): a grumbler, faultfinder, or one who likes to shift the blame for their own mistakes onto someon…


just now


plmds faltei a aula online de novo q patifaria ele avisar de noite um dia antes


just now