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Lorena Duarte Mallarino

RT @alex_gomez22: Untitled https://t.co/sSP7w9YqkH https://t.co/sdVvbFq7uM


8 minutes ago

Lorena Duarte Mallarino

RT @alex_gomez22: https://t.co/10D9T4nWSl https://t.co/Yev9hRMJ8R


13 minutes ago

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so #RealFriends is coming out tonight and I wanted to post a special tour diary that we made for the NBTS tour, it… https://t.co/IyUAwD2NPx


1 day ago

Grayson Dolan

I am just now finding out that every lyric to ‘Break Your Heart’ by Taio Cruz feat. Ludacris has been stored in my head since 2009


1 day ago


RT @Kyungvely_s: 배켠 콜라보 신곡 날짜가 나왔네요 너무 신나서 RT이벤트 합니다 >ㅅ< 알티 해주신 2분에게 배켠 앤틱키링 보내드립니다 ! 🎧BAEKHYUN x LOCO ‘YOUNG’ : 2018.08.31. 6PM KST htt…


4 seconds ago

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