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The White House

Today, President Biden is announcing major new actions to conserve lands and waters across America – including esta… https://t.co/hc90xkmmjD


1 day ago

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen

MAGA Republicans’ budget would also roll back rail safety and air traffic control, defund dozens of local police ag… https://t.co/kbzI6FSH0B


13 hours ago

White House Office of Science & Technology Policy

Released today, the U.S. Ocean Climate Action Plan lays out a vision for: 🌊Achieving a climate neutral future witho… https://t.co/FKkoZDWFT5


1 day ago

Beroz Gharemani

درودPrivacy Policy https://t.co/gEM6x655UW توسط @whitehouse


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Doing the Needful.USD

RT @ahcastor: Bitcoiners were crying when I quoted @DigiEconomist that a single BTC transaction uses the same amount of energy as a single…


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Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸

I asked an AI to make an image of China taking over the White House and this is what it showed me https://t.co/7AlviAbxfM


11 hours ago

Republicans against Trumpism

Nearly a week ago, Kellyanne Conway said that Jared Kushner reaped 'Billions' while working in Trump's White House.… https://t.co/MMiZZfvG4e


16 hours ago

Gina Gallagher 🍊

@RepBoebert Meanwhile your allowing a compromised individual to continue to occupy the white house.


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