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Tomi Lahren

Hey morons, it’s not Melania’s job to negotiate the government shutdown. It IS Nancy’s. https://t.co/GtvjKfUHeO


3 days ago

Justin Hendrix

Fear of the Mueller probe leads Russian pop star Emin Agalarov- linked to the infamous Trump Tower meeting and Trum… https://t.co/2IeYzrBR8P


15 hours ago

Public Citizen

Melania Trump flew to Mar-a-Lago on a US military jet just hours after Donald Trump canceled Nancy Pelosi's militar… https://t.co/ygDVKoGTxY


4 days ago

Lennart Zastrow

RT @AOLFinance: Fast food is getting more expensive as minimum wages rise https://t.co/u8FczziWfq


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Lennart Zastrow

RT @AOLFinance: Roger Federer’s finances after a surprising Australian Open loss https://t.co/eYH9BJBbM9


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Kyle Kashuv

The Media has bent over backwards to defend my Parkland Highschool liberal peers, no matter what outrageous things… https://t.co/clwjUGsL60


1 day ago

James Woods

I’m honored, Mr. President. Those of us who respect your determination to keep campaign promises marvel at your abi… https://t.co/R5fCTy6GsL


1 day ago

Donald J. Trump

Last time I went to Davos, the Fake News said I should not go there. This year, because of the Shutdown, I decided… https://t.co/joW2Mi4wbJ


2 hours ago


RT @nikkansports: 昨年話題呼んだ「おっさんずラブ」第2弾の放送決定 #おっさんずラブ https://t.co/c6C10JoML3


just now

The Moving Eye

@CNN @GloriaBorger My God!!! You people are completely nuts with a stupid Fake News story like this. No wonder CNN is called fake news.


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