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Xeni Jardin

Leading voting machine company admits it lied. Their devices ship backdoored, with pre-installed remote access soft… https://t.co/juuOTsXiby


8 hours ago

Boing Boing

Undercover investigator: Facebook moderators were instructed not to remove racist far-right material… https://t.co/qwuEoZmezW


11 hours ago

Sarah Reynolds

Leading voting machine company admits it lied, reveals that its voting machines ship backdoored, with pre-installed… https://t.co/TDibym7ILH


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Donald J. Trump

A total disgrace that Turkey will not release a respected U.S. Pastor, Andrew Brunson, from prison. He has been hel… https://t.co/sdz9MzzzSU


5 hours ago

Adam Schiff

No "consultation" is needed to make clear that U.S. will never cooperate in Putin's crusade against Bill Browder or… https://t.co/zs9hNoO1Zg


8 hours ago

Chad Nelson

A fence can’t stop my two-year-old from playing with his new best friend. https://t.co/9QBuaq4Ee2


8 hours ago


RT @Maguiree_1: Best excuse av heard for bein a peado https://t.co/2VFUWQuYgA


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