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"Hitler's only kidding about the antisemitism" New York Times, 1922. https://t.co/gST08po3Zx https://t.co/Ficj87zpZX


7 hours ago

ͶIꟻꟻOƆ ЯƎTƎꟼ 🔑 (any/all)

People celebrating: consider the idea he's trying to get the heat off him and isn't actually "quitting" https://t.co/gMcYlCKE6G


1 day ago


Tactically, stopping Nazi campus tours is an absolute success. https://t.co/rFSzxFdrNf


21 hours ago

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Adam Schiff

To my House and Senate colleagues: If the President causes a constitutional crisis by firing Mueller, no one can c… https://t.co/7C0V7L6wYj


4 hours ago

Ana Navarro

If u don’t mind Trump jacking-up prices at Mar-a-Lago & using presidency to promote properties, or Kushners trying… https://t.co/5cVgyXP2zf


2 hours ago

RT @Benji_Mascolo: Volevo ringraziare di cuore mio fratello @fedefederossi che continua l’instore di oggi nonostante io purtroppo sia dovut…


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