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Vince Staples

The Crips & Bloods taking over E Sports mark my words. I’m starting a team send me your put ons as applications.


1 day ago

Mehdi Hasan

My new @theintercept video on the lies, U-turns, and hypocrisy of Lindsey Graham, the most shameless man in America… https://t.co/JbN0ZY5nKk


1 day ago

CNN International

It has been described as one of the oldest and most played sports in history. But, World Chase Tag is the first and… https://t.co/44qEfzxAg6


18 hours ago

Jake Gadon

.@UCCSMBB comeback falls short in loss to rival MSU-Denver https://t.co/wFrw- SaSaRa


just now


Dude walking across 70 drinking vodka out of $10 at a sports bar.


just now