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VBScript Visual Basic Scripting Edition:Microsoft Windows上やInternet Information Server (IIS)上で動作するスクリプト言語で、サーバ側・クライア- ント側両方で動作可能な仕様となっている。


4 hours ago

Barbette Falk

IIS Windows Server https://t.co/Dqpr0FSpZk


20 hours ago

The InfoSec Slow Worm!

@frightware @LitMoose Ow, that one hurts... For every server admin who uses IIS or Apache on Windows (which must r… https://t.co/ZR0nYh2FPH


1 day ago

Mat Silva

A bit after getting hired, I ended up learning .net, c#, aws, html, css, js, https://t.co/Y3eUm14phC, windows serve… https://t.co/zDHPB5MlOh


2 days ago