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Isaiah Hartenstein agrees that Joakim Noah is a good comparison for his game, with one caveat: He is a better shoot… https://t.co/yjvcMwPtfX


6 hours ago

Kim Olsson

@suberry11 Hamas Charter, Article 7: "The hour of judgment shall not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill… https://t.co/8k7s92r1Af


20 seconds ago

Ross Piggott

WL CORRECTCOMING SOON @joakim_lien @mben_mao @IamWeeb4Lyf @crypto3351 @BeautyNFT31 @Ken69031081 @juzbenchoong… https://t.co/kWtIcdlK5p


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WL CORRECTCOMING SOON @YY_Joshua11 @henrycrypto666 @chenghan821101 @jingao116688 @saintjiubb @YeeezyMafia @BocNFT… https://t.co/MJaqrxC5lK


55 seconds ago

Kim Olsson

@nyunggai When you read the life story of Neville Bonner you almost chuckle when an activist complain how tough lif… https://t.co/on84SQr9LS


3 minutes ago