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Sergio Figueiredo

@WSV_GUY Windows Server have a future in the cloud era? Exchange moved to Office 365, IIS to Web Apps and prolly ev… https://t.co/ggWdrXF4m1


12 hours ago

Wes Miller

@imduffy15 On-premises, Windows Server always requires CALs for all client devices or users that will (even indirec… https://t.co/wWVK8Cxxi2


20 hours ago

Sharknado 7: O Recomeço!

Learn to Deploy https://t.co/bgsGePn1C1 MVC Application on Windows IIS Server https://t.co/JQG5p1hI6E


20 hours ago

The Code

#TheCode Learn to Deploy https://t.co/tEg9hVlJsJ MVC Application on Windows IIS Server https://t.co/wA4KJMZPUI Asma Khalid


20 hours ago

Juan David

C# Corner, nuevo artículo Learn to Deploy https://t.co/nQNBD3v1cd MVC Application on Windows IIS Server https://t.co/LxqO7A3MLP


20 hours ago