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RT @restr1ct3d: @damian_89_ @ArbazKiraak If the remote target running on Windows OS, it might be possible to leverage this SSRF vulnerabili…


5 minutes ago

Jan Reilink

RT @HertogJanR: What are 4 important #security measures for #WindowsServer & #IIS? https://t.co/7gotJZQQAV


7 hours ago

Wolfie (Larry)

RT @joehills: Does anyone know any freelancers with experience with Azure, configuring Windows Server, IIS, and Mircosoft SQL for https://t…


8 hours ago

Jonathan Monga l 💙 l 🇨🇩 l

RT @ITNEXT_io: configure IIS with ruby on rails app on windows server by @alokrawat0502 at #ITNEXT. #RubyRailsWindowsDeploy #Iis #Rails #Wi…


9 hours ago