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24 minutes ago

あ か ね ¨̮ (38w6d→1m)

@minatomama413 あらま🙄 うちの子もわりと手振り回しますが意外とはずれませ- ん🤔


3 hours ago

あ か ね ¨̮ (38w6d→1m)

引っ掻いちゃって、、、😭綺麗なお顔が、、、😢やっぱりミトン- つけてなきゃだめだぁ https://t.co/WIIUlTFLbN


3 hours ago


@akane_mm_am そうなんですか〜〜💦だっこ以外にも色々してほしいこときっと- いっぱいありますよね…!少しずつ分けていけるといいですよね- ☺️


5 hours ago

あ か ね ¨̮ (38w6d→1m)

@kei_s20 それぐらい意気込んでくれると頼もしいし嬉しいですね😭💕 う- ちのは抱っこしてよしよしするだけで育児してる気になってるよ- うな感じで困り果てます😥 覚えてもらわないと困るので夫の仕- 事が休みの日の前日の夜は見ててもらおうと思ってます🤔


5 hours ago

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U.S. Attorney Huber

Asst AG Demers: “This sentence, together with the recent guilty plea[] of Ron Hansen in Utah...deliver the stern me… https://t.co/DQUsufnYNX


23 hours ago

Anatoly Kurmanaev

Never fly @AirEuropa. Terrible, rude service. Caracas staff refused to solve a connection problem caused by their s… https://t.co/50skeuj5MQ


18 hours ago

Glenn Kirschner

2. It’s rarely an easy decision to prosecute a soldier, particularly for crimes committed during a time of war or… https://t.co/zfBgSbMfIR


16 hours ago

Noel Heaney

Service at @Starbucks is bad when you go in store. Seems these days drive thru or using the app is better #sad


just now

Val Dobson

RT @JamesMelville: Recently, I had a chat about Brexit with a man in late 60s who stated: 1. Boris or Farage for PM 2. Brexit will toughen…


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