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Sharon Mayhak

RT @BigDaddyWalker: What Happens When Cities Adopt Coworking https://t.co/lqLnA6- IcYB https://t.co/pcIWiwL5Kd


2 hours ago

Maritz Loyalty

How Brands Are Cultivating Loyalty Among Modern Consumers #AI #LX #LoyaltyPrograms https://t.co/gSbgtiNi1X


4 hours ago


Pacifi is “the smart pacifier” “the stress free pacifier” & the “pacifier for busy parents.” https://t.co/939gQxodUm https://t.co/YHcd3iHOzt


4 hours ago

Design Materials

Here's how brands ranging industries from finance to healthcare are transforming their store experience through the… https://t.co/xq9pwXtvkw


4 hours ago

Latest tweets mentioning “PSFK - on-demand retail intelligence”

Donald J. Trump

“Director Brennan’s recent statements purport to know as fact that the Trump campaign colluded with a foreign power… https://t.co/bTdRa3WUC9


22 hours ago

Donald J. Trump

.....released in 2017. If his statement is based on intelligence he has seen since leaving office, it constitutes a… https://t.co/KX6Fen5VzB


22 hours ago

Dan Bongino

John Brennan is a narcissistic windbag who has destroyed American’s faith in the intelligence community. His tenure… https://t.co/xsoTLRSwWV


1 day ago

InfoTextual 🇪🇸

Aprovechando esto puedes tener un MBA pagando casi 30 veces menos. Y con doble titulación en Big Data y Business In… https://t.co/sSalQDxQks


4 seconds ago

Luqman Al Zauj

RT @keetuijaz: insensitive, insensible and lacking in emotional intelligence. Don't they understand what a mother's love is? Have they ever…


5 seconds ago

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