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Barb McQuade

An Attorney General’s credibility is essential in times of crisis. William Barr has none, and we are paying the pri… https://t.co/8HCjMWmIku


1 day ago


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said China has become “more aggressive” in its efforts to spread disinformation and… https://t.co/qAjWUICn6Z


15 hours ago

Kyle Griffin

Democratic Rep. Joyce Beatty says she was trying to deescalate a situation with Columbus police officers when she w… https://t.co/cSGEWF525W


1 day ago

Leonardo Coutinho

RT @josefucs: É certo que Bolsonaro disse que não iria promover toma lá, dá cá e fez aliança com Centrão.Mas não dá para passar em branco q…


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As they grudgingly follow requirements, some Trump supporters say a mask with Trump branding somehow eases the blow… https://t.co/fASeIf3XUc


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Donald J. Trump

The Lamestream Media is doing everything within their power to foment hatred and anarchy. As long as everybody unde… https://t.co/GokAlJypBW


20 hours ago

Jenna 📁📂Marbles

This is not a political issue this is a human rights issue. This is systematic racism and oppression at the hands… https://t.co/2L3rDb6vvw


15 hours ago

Lynn Fern

RT @gailmarie1958: Almost 24 hours now and sadly there will be more because it's always "somebody else" never them Firefighters still batt…


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Božena Kokot 🎗️

RT @LarissaBehrendt: 'Deaths in our backyard': 432 Indigenous Australians have died in custody since 2008 https://t.co/iBqXLpyGk4


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