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The Weather Network

Snowfall and winter storm warnings cover southern, central and eastern Ontario, ahead of a potent Texas low that co… https://t.co/I8DMSCbBOh


1 day ago

The Weather Network

Dozens of people have been injured in a massive pileup involving nearly 200 cars amid snow squall conditions, in an… https://t.co/ot3VLdQUqA


1 week ago

linda hansen

Here's why we use salt to melt snow and ice https://t.co/xBgttfMo3N


9 minutes ago


@BrianChugal @globalnews How life could change: Ice https://t.co/8X1t- 1JtDwF Halifax ice fishing season getting lat… https://t.co/IxPuMhyzem


14 minutes ago


@BrianChugal @globalnews My favorites are these positives! Wildfires made worse by climate change:… https://t.co/zP3yyPPi9u


17 minutes ago

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R.L. Bynum

WRAL and WTVD pre-empting the network news for weather coverage (airing on secondary channels). WNCN airing the CBS Evening News.


6 days ago

Joseph vigil

@MSNBC I'm in a pinch on weather to continue watching this network's coverage of the presidential race when they ar… https://t.co/FMAN9BMxj9


1 week ago

Sprint Care

@Hannahsdad2 Network signals can be disrupted at times due to factors beyond our control such as any Jamming signal… https://t.co/CIy2Ih0Aag


1 week ago

Tony Pann

Some of the statements made on network weather coverage just...I'm not going to say it, but man it drives me nuts! 🙄


1 week ago

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