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Chris Kirubi

It is important to be truly transparent about our journey, struggles and challenges. The young people of today need… https://t.co/GQ7zLkYKoC


3 days ago


RT @ChigozieIAlex: The usual saying "THINK BIG" has not only made a lot of entrepreneurs make some costly mistakes but has limited a lot mo…


27 minutes ago

Mowgli Mentoring

RT @JulieBillonG: Amazing day in #kisumu where our entrepreneurs and mentors meet for the first time for a 12 month journey @MowgliTweets h…


1 hour ago

Ideastycoon Manpower Solutions

RT @Provee_in: Check out our founder's journey through Provee! #startup #startupindia #Entrepreneurs #wework #CNBC https://t.co/fWaSBqjVdE


1 hour ago

Startup Feeds

RT @Provee_in: Check out our founder's journey through Provee! #startup #startupindia #Entrepreneurs #wework #CNBC https://t.co/fWaSBqjVdE


2 hours ago

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Diamond and Silk®

Joy Behar Wants Trump To ‘Be Brought Up on Charges of Hate Speech,’ Completely Forgets About The First Amendment. https://t.co/LYKRV3UENU


1 day ago

Entertainment Tonight

Natalie Portman will star as Jane Foster in #ThorLoveAndThunder... and she will harness the power of the god of thu… https://t.co/IFyccdjaBr


9 hours ago

Entertainment Tonight

Angelina Jolie joins the MCU as Thena in #TheEternals. #MarvelSDCC https://t.co/qItg0eO1XR https://t.co/QlooMrFwR6


9 hours ago

La Cuadra Universitaria

Emprender con trabajo formal https://t.co/u1ryD5Ilwt


just now

Vilde Øines Nybakken

Denne blir kanskje årets fav.episode. Tok meg rett tilbake til å vere ung tenåring, for gammal til å vere ute og le… https://t.co/G7x7uWlMEP


just now

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