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The Weather Channel

Flash flooding and scattered severe storms will threaten a broad area in the first half of this week, from the Plai… https://t.co/we8F98NFuZ


15 hours ago

Pure Michigan

The Full Strawberry Moon will take over the sky tonight! 🍓It’s the last full moon of spring & named after strawberr… https://t.co/5SQoABXkiZ


5 hours ago

The Weather Channel

Multiple rounds of thunderstorms could trigger flash #flooding from the Plains to the Ohio Valley and mid-Atlantic… https://t.co/xAxxpys6S5


1 day ago

Sharon Elizabeth Bensley

Ice Melt Leaves Sled Dogs in Water | The Weather Channel https://t.co/13KhZof5Bo


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Laurence Tribe

We will soon reach the point — if we haven’t already reached it — when those who oppose starting an… https://t.co/7BizwizWEZ


14 hours ago

Kyle Griffin

Feel like these stories should be paired. "McConnell dismisses outrage over Trump's comments about accepting forei… https://t.co/q3BobKXRdN


1 day ago

Shannon Watts

An off-duty officer claims he shot and killed a man in a California Costco - and shot and injured the man’s parents… https://t.co/np5bhUsBgY


13 hours ago

Hulu Support

@DavidDoty66 Hi David! Live channel availability varies based on where you're located. To see which channels (inclu… https://t.co/H0slaJjQXN


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#GBSMORNINGEXTRA And this is what our @dailynation Has for us today, Stay tuned to @KenyaGbs For more information https://t.co/eAaYWCzBpe


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