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Chowkidar Tejasvi Surya

No no ma'am. It would mean culturally deracinated, entitled & elitist, page 3 socialites partying all life in the n… https://t.co/cNh7nXuCpV


1 hour ago

Auschwitz Memorial

A heart-breaking moment captured in an SS photograph of a group of Hungarian Jews near gas chamber IV at #Auschwitz… https://t.co/0xieaxmV6b


1 day ago


a moment... a moment that is most pleasing to me... https://t.co/UWchsyq9fB


just now

im an artblocked hobbyartist

RT @partygirlu2: can we just take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous doctor strange is in infinity war? https://t.co/tlxzVMV28j


just now

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