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Kamala Harris

At a coronavirus testing site in New Orleans, tests ran out 5 minutes after the doors opened. In Phoenix, people wa… https://t.co/O8qAJzaxre


1 day ago

Diamond and Silk®

After reviewing the NC Department of Health and Human Services web site, it shows counties with minimal cases. Woul… https://t.co/ooj7saYyt9


9 hours ago


⚽️: Boo, sorry I'm late. I woke up late 🥺 🐼: Okay, Let's go to the filming site. ⚽️: Aow, stop sulking na...… https://t.co/ObVxm2prWI


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RT @hiroyoshimura: 本日の陽性疑い検査数637件、陽性者数22名(濃厚接触9名- 、感染源不明13名)、陽性率3.5%でした。 🟢大阪モデル- →感染源不明の前週増加比2.00・数9.43人(2かつ10- 人以上)、7日計新規陽性者数105人(後半62人)(120- 人以上後…


just now

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