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Korla Masters

White dude academics: Brush your hair before you get headshots taken. Seriously. I know that you don't get professi… https://t.co/QhT3H6u3D9


8 hours ago

DJ Rothenbecker 🌮

@FireproM2k He projected himself as this milquetoast, non-threatening guy that knew Star Wars and is well-kempt. Th… https://t.co/T6yYtTP7cc


5 days ago

Derek Duke

@Ian_A_Boyd @Doc_Texas Stats are very similar and both have about the same sample size. But if I had to chose one,… https://t.co/hwMVQoJCZc


6 days ago

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Michael Jackson

Michael inspires in so many ways. From his music, to his movement, to his fashion, to his philanthropy, he made an… https://t.co/2UaPdWTGdc


17 hours ago

Selina Slays

Couldn’t have said it better. The world is in uproar about these kids who’ve allegedly had a brief separation from… https://t.co/us8qQi8g8X


1 day ago

Ashley Eckstein

Soooo this is a thing! Happy almost 10th Anniversary Clone Wars fans!!! This is what happens when I brainstorm with… https://t.co/yfCft7a8Do


1 day ago


RT @exo_schedules: 180620 / 180621 Valentino Men's 2019 S/S Paris fashion show [#LAY] Valentino insta ➡️ https://t.co/9fEu0og0ep #Val- enti…


just now


RT @D_OoOoOoOo: Q. 자신의 비밀 한 가지를 공개해 줄 수 있나요? A: 제 몸에는 점이 많아요. Men's style 인터뷰 中 https://t.co/BZpsj5WvKO


just now

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