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Donald Clark

Yip. The quangos, like #SHRM help keep this going https://t.co/SeHmhyzdsf https://t.co/OsxCdqNdjZ


2 days ago

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Mufti Menk

Spread this far and wide. Someone else’s success doesn’t equate your failure! Let’s break this ugly cycle and remem… https://t.co/97wU6iL4Dh


1 day ago

Shams Charania

Kings center Richaun Holmes crossed the the Disney campus line to pick up delivery food and must quarantine for 10… https://t.co/UeTglkhuEK


15 hours ago

Sara A. Carter

Hey America learn the lesson: If you dare to defend your home from the mob, your home will be searched and your g… https://t.co/XjRiWVpJXa


1 day ago

Aspen Clemons

RT @jvey1: The United States has a long history of using coded language about place to justify policy and practice decisions that impact pe…


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