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Oliver Willis

The cell camera may be one of the greatest civil rights tools ever. For decades they’ve said blacks were lying abou… https://t.co/7N0nYxwYlt


1 day ago

प्रशान्त पटेल उमराव

Bharat is a Secular Country till Hindus are Majority here. Without #PopulationControlLaw & Anti Conversion Law, B… https://t.co/0fQQzVB0TP


1 day ago

The Jakarta Post

Nike meets Indomie in fan-made Air Jordan design #jakpost https://t.co/GSbgKhu3FV


14 hours ago

Monique Desir

What I Like… And What Frustrates Me… About Twitter https://t.co/CAMLsyLNkN


just now

Sander Greenland

@MaartenvSmeden @PWGTennant @jd_wilko @AdanZBecerra1 @yudapearl @_MiguelHernan I half disagree. I agree there are n… https://t.co/Ijrmq51uIL


just now

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