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Charlie Kirk

Leftists are the most intolerant people in America. They hate the idea that there are other ideas. Get the facts a… https://t.co/Q0ez4FeZF7


1 day ago


#CBIForSSR | For the criminals - the crime is yours, the sin is yours and the shame is yours - and you blame it on… https://t.co/wSBaSnvS3c


1 day ago

Dr Hilary PhD Wash Hands and Keep Your Distance ✡️

RT @sundersays: I think A-level algorithm by design makes it impossible for any individual student to get A* grade if attend institution wh…


just now

Four minutes in fundraising Podcast w/@AmickyCarol

RT @CharitySoWhite: Pre-register for @Money4youth's BAMER Hub, a FREE digital platform specifically for small BAMER-led orgs launching on 1…


just now

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