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James Sly

Lex Swaffer peeks in the kitchen at the guys cooking Sly’s last brunch today. Next weekend the lounge opens for coc… https://t.co/NwoBLUsMdH


2 days ago

마녀의 운명구슬

@BHHB_HS 오늘 너의 '운명'은 "그저 시간을 낭비하는 날이군. 차라리 그냥 하루종일 퍼자는게 좋을것 같은데..?"


2 days ago


@Witch_Destiny 운명


2 days ago

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Ted Lieu

Gallup has been tracking @realDonaldTrump since his relatively small inauguration. On Feb 5, 2017 @POTUS was at 43%… https://t.co/K1dEXU6fTT


1 day ago


9月26日(水)発売の「欅共和国2017」DVD/Blu-- rayのダイジェスト映像を欅坂46 Official YouTube Channelにアップしました🚩 ぜひご覧ください‼️ #- 欅坂46 #けやき坂46 https://t.co/JCA- aZPoZOE


7 hours ago

James Woods

“According to the San Francisco Chronicle, more than 31,000 people reported ‘smash and grab’ robberies in the city… https://t.co/edj4Sym6xo


1 day ago

philip walton

RT @Trickyjabs: Theresa May giving a speech claiming the Tories are the party to trust on increasing Social Housing stock: England, 2010-2…


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