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Becky Foote

I had a bad attitude this past weekend. I struggled with impatience. Last night, I told God that I was mad at hi… https://t.co/jY2FakTpjp


2 minutes ago

Carmen Ennik

A Prayer to Fear Less and Do More - Your Daily Prayer - March 18, 2019 - Your Daily Prayer https://t.co/vxLsuZCKr6 via @iBelievecom


7 minutes ago

Jeff Gearding

Your Daily Verse - 1 Corinthians 13:13 - Your Daily Verse https://t.co/qT6fC0wEpu via @iBelievecom


53 minutes ago

Jen Grice

6 Ways to Discover and Develop Community https://t.co/8M2qOzmO6n


2 hours ago

Scott Cooper

Regardless of the trials or hardships you are going through, this is true. Here’s wishing you a productive week!… https://t.co/bEvONRCdIF


2 hours ago

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Major Surendra Poonia

Inspirational ! Dear Friends, Whenever you are down,out,sad or under any stress Plz do watch Shri Manohar Parrikar… https://t.co/U7J44iTvuu


21 hours ago

Kate Hoey

Christians slaughtered in Nigeria a Commonwealth country! Is MSM reporting? The recent death toll of Christians in… https://t.co/ZDW71A4IOE


1 day ago

Charlie Kirk

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand who tried to destroy Justice Kavanaugh over fake allegations is now losing staffers due to… https://t.co/fiIHAGlYwL


1 day ago

Sai Lakshmi Rajesh

RT @SrinidhiShetty7: In awe of Forevermark Tribute ™ collection which is an ode to every achievement in a women’s life! I chose 5 beautiful…


just now

Haley Ⓥ

@SheepArePeople2 1. Appropriation & complete disrespect for Native American cultures 2. Absurd responses & justifi… https://t.co/VJWIKvnvGm


just now

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