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Arsenal FC

Unai Emery is our new head coach - find out all about it here #WelcomeUnai https://t.co/8dHnmam0KO


5 hours ago

Niall Horan

Holland. The show in Amsterdam was one of my favourites of the tour and now to just find out that ‘On the loose’ is… https://t.co/02nDn79T2D


21 hours ago

Farhan Akhtar

₹84 per litre mubarak to you and your loved ones. Actual cost I believe is ₹31, based on info i could find online… https://t.co/0nc1MYyX74


10 hours ago

Okoye's Twin.

RT @JamzLdnKmt: Pointing fingers at everyone but yourself gives you short term relief but when you find yourself back in the same position…


just now

Troy J. Dishman

I cant believe how many people are buying this spygate story without any facts. What has been reported is normal in… https://t.co/d4ZEYm5PRL


just now

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