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@dfontolan Daniel.Constantemente realizamos melhorias visando a qualidade na rede. Podem ocorrer interferências por… https://t.co/SRY3nYX24N


1 week ago

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Donald J. Trump

I got severely criticized by the Fake News Media for being too nice to President Putin. In the Old Days they would… https://t.co/d6Y1pRP4qD


17 hours ago

Dan Bongino

Justice is dead. Bob Mueller, and his Democrat and media boot-lickers killed it. This isn’t “justice,” this is a na… https://t.co/7RhF9CzCSm


1 day ago

Peter Daou

FLIP THE COVERAGE, MEDIA: Focus most of your attention not on Trump, but on Republican leaders, who have the Consti… https://t.co/tzdivklLsf


1 day ago

[17's hab]

RT @ohmywonwoo: 180721 Fansign Q: what is a cat to Wonwoo? Wonwoo: my friend, talking partner/companion cr: imreal717 https://t.co/pbGlxMC…


just now

Michael Johnson

RT @Clickseezy: The kinda flight to take is always your choice... Never pass on an opportunity to learn something new. Meet my tag team par…


just now

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