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Nigel Farage

The great Brexit betrayal gathers pace. What happened to the ‘red lines’? https://t.co/l0F8XFgOir


1 day ago

Vitalik Buterin

This article was written by the Estonian *president*. https://t.co/rz- GainGAT7


1 day ago

Rita Panahi

This is what North Koreans are willing to do to escape tyranny. Shot five times but he's alive.… https://t.co/slzpvtS2Ze


14 hours ago

Lizbeth Werner

RT @gracengwenya68: Aston Villa vs Manchester United: live | via @Telegraph http://t.co/PgYfs6us9H


10 seconds ago


RT @TintishaTech: @BenChu_ Well this upbeat PWC prediction about the UK made in Feb hasn't aged well ... https://t.co/LJFtvv3KVh


26 seconds ago

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Elizabeth Warren

We don’t know who is going to have the next big idea in this country, but they’re probably going to need to get onl… https://t.co/PinSnQa1S6


1 day ago

Kamala Harris

The basic principle of Net Neutrality is that access to all websites should be treated equally. What the FCC wants… https://t.co/QhO706tioc


14 hours ago


RT to #WIN a Samsung Galaxy A3 from BT Mobile to celebrate our #BlackFriday event! Daily prizes 😊 T&Cs apply:… https://t.co/SJBpRe29wD


1 day ago

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