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Sonia Friedman Productions

"Theatre has been viable for thousands of years. Yesterday’s announcement from the Chancellor that our industry is… https://t.co/hRHrOxNyrZ


13 hours ago

Fraser Nelson

The figure of 500,000 Covid dead is being used again by UK officials - and focusing the mind of the PM who now fear… https://t.co/Txe2MP5ru6


16 hours ago

Richard Tice

Allison Pearson superbly explains why the young can help build herd immunity, as recommended by the brilliant exper… https://t.co/lnZDe6yDyw


1 day ago


Scotland's imprisonment of students is extreme and dehumanising https://t.co/zxb71Ax6K3


just now


RT @JeremyWarnerUK: This is good on the untold damage the Government is doing to the economy under the justification of saving lives. https…


just now

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Paul J Wheatley

@TiceRichard @afneil Indeed, if you forget the Sun, The Times, the Daily Telegraph, the Sunday Telegraph, Talk Radi… https://t.co/IXLPu6eCZH


3 hours ago

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